365 Days of Living "The Road Not Taken"


I remember memorizing Robert Frosts' "The Road Not Taken" in the sixth grade. It was my turn to recite the poem in front of the classroom, so naturally, my eyes immediately became glued to the back of the room as I avoided all of the younger faces staring back at me. I remember my anxiety going through the roof as I had quickly forgotten the poem halfway through. My eyes immediately met my teachers as if to say "oh my god please save me". She would, providing me with a few more words from somewhere in the middle of the poem (thank you Mrs. Hurley). I never tried to understand the poem because frankly school was not something that I had learned to love. Probably because of the bullying I had endured my entire childhood. But thank goodness for Robert Frost because for some reason, his poem never left my brain after that day.

365 days have taken place since the last day that I would ever be referred to as a 'student'. Since then, I have spent all of these 365 days working towards an unordinary lifestyle and an atypical profession. The last year has been one full of many different emotions, and many different faces. Also, no one tells you how difficult it is to find a job once your in debt, or how much of an adjustment it is to be on your own. These last 365 days have taught me many, many wonderful things, but one most important thing which is that no one is going is make you do anything. YOU have to be the one in charge.  

I have reached out to and networked with more people from around the world that have provided me with great, critical feedback on my vision and goals as a new graduate and small business owner. This last year has not only given me time to adjust to this new lifestyle, but more freedom than I could have ever imagined. I have made wonderful friendships with those who have decided to take part in my journey and have found so many mentors that I believe will guide me through this next chapter of my life. 

When i graduated 365 days ago, I had a very different vision of where I would be a year from that day. I thought that I would have taken a steady job to cover not only my student loans but also my everyday and future business needs. The truth is, I did not accept any job offer because I decided to take the road less traveled by. I have worked part time doing contracting for multiple companies, I sewed for weeks and held another fashion show at my alma mater. I have interned, attended conferences both online and in person, got lucky and traveled first class to Ireland and created friendships that will last for the rest of my life. Yes, It is risky to to go after what you want, but if you absolutely cannot go a day without thinking about something, theres a reason why. I have fallen in love with this lifestyle that I have watched most of my mentors lead (including my dad) and I cannot picture myself doing otherwise. I have loved and hated many days from the last 365 but I am beginning to understand the real work and effort that it takes to lead "the road not taken". 

Meaghan PaigeComment