Spring & Summer '18

Hand painted pelicans and palm trees, branded crewnecks, off-the-shoulder dresses, rainbow colored faux fur...these are just a few of the hand made pieces that were created for our latest Spring/Summer 18 collection!

 It is so thrilling to finally be able to talk to you about our latest collection, I don't even know where to begin. I suppose I could start by attributing a great amount of inspiration for this collection from one of our main focal points of our brand, TRAVEL. However, we wanted to fabricate unique pieces, so we decided to hand paint many of the looks, often referring to the internet for correct coloring of toucans and palm trees. Although it may not be apparent, a lot of research goes into creating our collections. I often find that research opens our brains up to more possibilities and creativity to attribute to each new collection, often more so if the collection is inspired by a story or person. 

We were even more inspired by the fact that we were invited back to showcase our delicate pieces at New York Fashion Week again since 2015! Our looks were modeling by our good friends which made our collection and event all that more fun and exciting. 

Being able to share our personal collection with a new audience and set of eyes was a thrilling experience for our team.
— Meaghan Paige

The most fun aspect about this collection was watching everyones faces light up as they tried on their look before the show. Each look really resonated with our friends who wore them. This was another moment that made me fall in love with my job even more! 


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