New Year: How to Conquer Those Big Goals

Hello and Happy 2017!

Well, It's the beginning of a brand new year again, one full of possibilities and adventures. For a while now, I have written my goals down (on paper) in order to visualize where I want to be a year from now. Whenever I glance at the list of goals, It automatically motivates me to get up out of bed and conquer the day. Being a fairly new graduate and job-seeker as well as small business owner, there are many small goals that I write down on the daily as well. A few of them fall into the categories of researching, creating, networking, and more researching. It often becomes difficult when these small goals are not accomplished each day, and even more difficult when the bigger, yearly, goals are not accomplished as well, however, one must try again. If you know what you want to do as well as who you want to be in life, then be picky about your job searches. Don't settle for anything less. Try to find a job or internship in the category of your career of choice. Of course your dream job may not come to you right out of college, but it sure will come quicker if you accomplish those small goals, one day at a time, while keeping an eye on the big goal. 

I've learned throughout this start-up process of creating a small business that there are so many tiny little goals that go into creating something out of nothing. And I have learned from many others with whom I have interned with, and even lived with. It is the will and the power to do so "little by little" each day that will ultimately allow you to accomplish those big goals, the yearly goals. So to anyone who feels a little unsure about how to tackle their new year, my advice is to focus on the small, daily, goals, and try to complete those as best as possible because they will all add up over time, and will ultimately allow you to accomplish the big goals. 


I wish you a very successful new year,


Meaghan PaigeComment