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Meaghan's Favorite Things

My Favorite Travel Accessories

Meaghan Paige

Whether I'm traveling around the world or going to a dentist appointment, here are five things that are ALWAYS with me.

1.  Maybelline Baby Lips. I enjoy wearing lipstick, but since it's been super hot outside, i've turned to using this lip balm! It's super smoothing and tinted with a pink highlighter...they have many different shades but i like this because it makes my lips feel hydrated, while providing a beautiful pink undertone that I can wear throughout the day with any outfit.

2. Godiva Dark Chocolate Pearls...I just tried these recently and fell in love. If you're someone like me who needs a bit of a mid-day sugar rush, look no further. These are the perfect mid-day pick-me-up, and they're rich in flavor so you only need a few!

3. Glossier You. Where has this scent been all of my life? It smells like a field of flowers and makes me perk up if I'm feeling run down or need a bit of refreshing before meeting with a client.

4. Lavande Hand Cream by L'Occitane. This French brand was given to me as a gift over a year ago and i STILL have a bit left to finish out this summer. On a daily basis my hands are either typing, sewing, or shaking hands with new strangers so I always make sure that my hands feel soft. Plus, who wants to have wrinkly hands?

5. My iPhone Battery case. This was a recent purchase...(I could have used this many times over in Europe) but I use it just about everyday now. 


Let me know what you're favorite travel accessories are! I'd love to know you're suggestions :)